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Just about every person has at least one blackhead, whitehead, or pimple during adolescence. But, if you’re among the 17 million Americans who currently have acne, these occurrences are more than occasional. Board-certified dermatologist Omolara Olowoyeye, MD, MPH, of Radiance Dermatology, offers treatment for acne and the scarring that sometimes results so you can achieve the smooth and clear skin you desire. To learn more, schedule an appointment at the office in Bethesda, Maryland, or use the online tool to book.


What is acne?

Acne is the most common skin disease in the country. Teens and women in their 30s and 40s are especially vulnerable because of fluctuating hormone levels, but adults of any age can have it.

Acne happens when pores become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. The blockages turn into infections that show up as pimples and other blemishes on your skin. Acne can occur on the face, neck, chest, back, upper arms, buttocks, and shoulders. 

What are the symptoms of acne?

Acne symptoms vary from mild to severe. Acne may look like: 

Darkened skin patches

Acne can also affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. You may avoid social situations, work or school presentations, and other important events because you’re self-conscious about your appearance. 

Why do I have acne?

Acne can be a result of hormone imbalances, excess oil production, or the presence of bacteria. Certain medications, like corticosteroids, can lead to the development of acne. A diet that includes high-carbohydrate foods and dairy products, as well as stress, also exacerbates acne outbreaks.

What treatment options are available for acne?

If you have a mild case of acne, you may control it at home with a benzoyl peroxide solution and good face-washing habits. If acne worsens or does not improve in a few months, schedule a consultation at Radiance Dermatology.

Your customized treatment plan is created according to the type and severity of lesions, skin type, age, and lifestyle.

Your treatment plan may include:

Oral and topical therapy
Chemical peels
Tissue fillers (Juvederm® or Radiesse®)
Punch excisional surgery for deep “ice-pick” pitted scarring

You may also benefit from the customized acne skin care products offered at Radiance Dermatology. These treatments are also effective in reducing the appearance of scars and discolorations associated with acne. 

You can expect to see a difference in the severity of your acne outbreaks in about eight weeks. Though some cases of acne are more difficult to treat than others, virtually every case can be controlled with the latest dermatological approaches.

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