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Hyperpigmentation can show up as blotchy skin patches, age spots, freckles, or broken capillaries. If you just want a more even skin tone, contact board-certified dermatologist Omolara Olowoyeye, MD, MPH, at Radiance Dermatology in Bethesda, Maryland. She personalizes treatments to lighten dark areas and create a beautiful, glowing complexion. Dr. Olowoyeye can also help patients with skin of color find the best solution to their hyperpigmentation. Call for your appointment or use the online tool to schedule.


What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by an overproduction of melanin, the skin cells responsible for pigmentation. 

Hyperpigmentation isn’t usually a dangerous condition, but these patches of darkened skin can make you feel self-conscious and less-than-your-beautiful self. Occasionally, hyperpigmentation can be a sign of an underlying condition. Dr. Olowoyeye evaluates your hyperpigmentation to make a diagnosis and recommend proper treatment.

Hyperpigmentation shows up in various forms. The most common include:


When you have areas of darkened skin on your face or body, it’s diagnosed as melasma. It can appear anywhere but is most common on your stomach and face. Melasma is likely a result of hormonal changes and often develops during pregnancy. 

Sunspots or age spots

Sunspots develop when you’ve had excess sun exposure over time. They generally appear on your hands and face, but other areas that experience a lot of exposure to the sun can also develop them. 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This discoloration occurs after injury or skin inflammation. Nondepressed acne scars are an example of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

What treatments are available for hyperpigmentation?

Radiance Dermatology offers a wide array of skin treatments that fade hyperpigmentation. They include:

Microneedling and PRP
Chemical peels
Home skin care products

You may also benefit from IPL, or intense pulsed light, treatments. IPL uses the power of broadband lights to lighten hyperpigmentation and treat rosacea and uneven skin texture. This laser treatment uses bursts of light to destroy unwanted pigment and stimulate collagen production to restore healthy, evenly toned, and textured skin. 

Is hyperpigmentation treatment appropriate for all skin types?

Hyperpigmentation often affects people with medium to darkly colored skin. Dark spots and patches may occur in response to acne, psoriasis, a wound or cut, certain medications, or changes in hormones. 

Treatment of darker skin tones can be tricky, but Dr. Olowoyeye has the expertise and experience necessary to effectively lighten dark patches without unwanted consequences. IPL and a customized skin regimen can help. 

You don’t have to tolerate blotchy skin or age spots that make you feel self-conscious. Call Radiance Dermatology today to set up an appointment and learn how you can fade these areas of hyperpigmentation. You may also schedule a consultation online.

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