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Microneedling & PRP

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You can correct skin imperfections, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and achieve a glowing complexion with microneedling and PRP offered at Radiance Dermatology in Bethesda, Maryland. Board-certified dermatologist Omolara Olowoyeye, MD, MPH, offers microneedling to patients who seek smoother, more evenly toned skin. Call today or use the online tool to learn how you can schedule your appointment to experience the benefits of microneedling and PRP.


What are microneedling and PRP?

Microneedling uses a specialized device to prick tiny holes in the surface of your skin. These injuries aren’t visible to the naked eye, but they boost your skin’s collagen production and increase absorption of skin care products. 

The micro-injuries also stimulate your body’s wound-healing capacities, stimulating cellular growth and the development of new skin cells. 

PRP, a compound derived from a sample of your blood, complements microneedling treatment. PRP contains a concentrated amount of platelets, which contain numerous healing factors and cytokines to further boost skin health and appearance. 

The microchannels created during microneedling make it so your skin better absorbs the PRP and benefits from its healing properties.

What types of skin complaints do microneedling and PRP address?

Microneedling vastly improves your skin texture and tone. It is a solution for a number of skin complaints like:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Sun-damaged skin
Age spots and freckles
Large pores
Acne scars
Sagging skin

The immediate effects of microneedling include a brighter, more glowing complexion. Your results only improve as the months pass and your skin has time to produce more collagen and new, healthy skin cells. 

What is it like to get microneedling with PRP?

Your appointment begins with a simple blood draw from your arm. Dr. Olowoyeye spins this sample down in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and create the PRP.

You then relax in a treatment chair and have a topical numbing cream applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. As the microneedling device — that looks a lot like a pen — glides across your skin, you’ll feel a slight tingling. Most people tolerate the treatment quite well. 

Dr. Olowoyeye then applies the PRP to your microneedled skin. The entire treatment lasts just about 20-30 minutes.

What is recovery like following microneedling and PRP?

Recovery from your procedure is relatively quick. You may have some redness and mild swelling right after treatment, but this usually clears within a few days. Your skin will appear revitalized and glowy. Expect results to continue to develop over the course of several months as the healing process continues.

Experience the benefits of microneedling and PRP for yourself. Call Radiance Dermatology to set up an appointment or use the online tool to book.

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