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What Can a Chemical Peel Do for My Skin?

What Can a Chemical Peel Do for My Skin?

Chemical peels are simple, relaxing, cost-effective treatments that not only make your skin look better but actually improve the quality of your skin over time. Chemical peels are acids that are available in different formulations that treat a variety of skin conditions. You can also use chemical peels as part of your regular skin-care maintenance.

At Radiance Dermatology, our expert, board-certified dermatologist, Omolara Olowoyeye, MD, MPH, helps you pick the right chemical peel at our office in Bethesda, Maryland. If you’re considering chemical peels, here are some of the benefits you can expect. 

Banish brown spots

If you have freckles or other areas of hyperpigmentation, including age spots and melasma, a chemical peel can lighten them by half after just a single treatment. Treatments for brown spots and age spots are usually performed with a light chemical peel that doesn’t create redness or flakiness on your skin.

In fact, light chemical peels are so gentle and fast that they’re sometimes called “lunchtime peels.” You can get one in the middle of your day and then go back to work or other activities. Just be sure to use sunscreen to protect your glowing, new skin.

Reduce acne breakouts

Don’t pop or pick at your acne lesions; that only makes them worse, puts you at risk for infection, and may permanently damage your skin. For acne, you need a medium or strong chemical peel, which makes your skin tender and pink for a few days.

You can’t get a chemical peel while you have active, inflamed lesions. However, Dr. Olowoyeye can treat inflammatory lesions by other methods, including direct injection, to clear them quickly.

Once your inflammation has calmed down, a deep chemical peel removes the dead skin and excess oil on your skin that contributes to acne. The chemical peel also triggers a skin-rebuilding process that increases the health of the follicles where acne forms. The production of new collagen improves the overall look, thickness, and health of your skin.

Smooth out scars and wrinkles

By removing the outer layer of your skin, which consists of dulling, dead skin cells, your skin looks immediately younger and fresher. The new collagen also helps your skin rebuild itself to improve the look of scars and fill in wrinkles.

As your skin starts to get thicker and stronger, it also produces more of a protein called elastin, which makes your skin more elastic and pliable. That means it’s more likely to snap back into place after you make expressions, such as frowning or smiling, rather than forming new wrinkles.

Lift your face and spirits

Chemical peels literally renew your skin and make it thicker, stronger, and tighter. Although a chemical peel can’t give you the same results as you’d get from a surgical facelift, you do notice less sagging and a more uplifted look to your face.

Your new, youthful glow translates into lifted spirits, too. You feel more confident as you radiate health. You can even use chemical peels on other rough or discolored patches on your skin, such as your hands and elbows.

A simple addition to self-care

If you get a medium or strong peel, you may only need to do that every year or two. Dr. Olowoyeye and our team give you at-home care instructions to keep your skin safe and moisturized as you heal and your skin rebuilds itself.

You can get a light chemical peel every month to maintain your skin quality. We also give you aftercare instructions and recommend products to help protect your skin. We can set up your monthly appointments ahead of time and send you reminders so that your skin maintains its healthy glow without interruption.

Find out for yourself how chemical peels may benefit your skin and your confidence by contacting our dermatologist and friendly staff at 301-430-4000 or by booking an appointment online.

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